About Shree S. D. Shethia College of education

Shree S. D. Shethia College of education is only grant in aid B. Ed. college of Kutch district located in Mundra City.


Kachchh is the biggest District in Gujarat state. It holds 23 percentage of the land of the whole of the state. Mundra which is known as the Paris of Kachchh is situated in the south of the district. Shree S. D. Shethia College of education runs under the R. D. Education Trust. The trust was founded by Late Mr. Ranashibhai Devapuj of village Moti Khakhar in the year 1908 with a sum of Rs.5001/-. This Trust in initial stage started a Gujarati medium school with a few (1 to 7) classes in the beginning. Mr. Sheth Velji Lakhmashi Nathu was the first managing Trustee of the institution who gave the name R. D. Education Trust. R.D. Boys and Girls High School was started in the Year 1930/31 and its functioning was in Popat Virji Memorial building in the Mundra. Later in the year the 1967 for the girl’s education a separate school was started in the name of C. K. M. Girls high school. S. D. Shethia College of education was founded in the year 1970 and for this purpose a separate building was also built in the year 1988. For its excellence in the year 1990 it was awarded Rs.50, 000 by the Gujarat Government.For providing good primary teachers for the improvement of primary education the trust started Sheth L. N. P. T. C. College in the year 1976 and Pre. P. T. T. E. College also started for the all round development of the kids a separate building was also built which is known as Madhu Balmandir.

For the students who were coming from other parts of Gujarat accommodation was a great problem and to help these students a hostel was built in the year 1985. In the year 1988 faculty for M. Ed course was provided to the students who were interested. It was a great dream for the people of Mundra to have Arts and Commerce College in Mundra and its fulfillment came in the year 2006/2007. The good and qualitative education provided by this trust is well known and well appreciated by the people of different walks. The college has received gold medals at many occasions in different fields for the excellent progress in the case of education, sports and

cultural activities. R. D. Trust is very proud to provide the service of Mr. Dr. K.V. Gor the principal of the institution as the first V.C. of the newly established Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University. Mundra had a small port in the past from which trade was conducted between different countries and no other industry was possible in the past years. The main livelihood for the people of Mundra was agriculture and the date palm of Mundra was well known even in other countries. The development of other industries was an unimaginable dream. Since last seven years the industrial growth in Mundra is unexpected and unimaginable. Today Mundra is one of the fastest growing town in Kachchh the name of Mundra well known in the international Market. The Adani Port is India’s first private port. Today so many companies have came in Mundra because of the port and the possibilities of growth has got wider perspective. A good number of companies have came up here like Adani Port, Jindal Saw Pipes, Adani Wilmar, Mundra International Container Terminal, Maha Shakti Coke, Ashapura Mines, I O C L, Master Marine; Simplex etc. are a few companies to mention with.


Empower Prospective Teachers.


Imbibe the technology for more effective classroom teaching and lead the prospective teachers to changing scenario of Indian School Education.


The following values have been emphasised during the training.
We therefore insist committed, sincere, technology oriented, innovative, transparent, ethical, democratic, professional teachers for the schools.

S.D. Shethiya College of Education Mundra - Kutch.

Near Vasna Telephone Exchange, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007, India.
Phone No. : +91 79 26600474
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